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All my life I have been traveling. Starting out as a kid with my mom and my brother we drove all over California, Arizona, Utah and even to Yellowstone in Wyoming. We drove in a 1958 VW Van. I learned that persistence really helped.

When in High School I got interested in the rest of the world from John Goddard. He worked at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. He collected plant samples and language from around the world. He gave presentations on some of his trips and I fell in love with the rest of the world.

Top Destinations: Africa Asia Botswana Central & South America Micronesia Argentina Cambodia China Egypt Guatemala Iceland India Japan Jordan Maldives Morocco New Zealand Norway Papua New Guinea

Specialties: Active & Adventure Travel All-Inclusive Resorts Charters & Incentives Cruise Groups Disney Expedition Cruises Family Group Travel Guided Vacations Scuba/Snorkeling Solo Travel World Cruises

Recent Trips: Las Vegas, Boca Raton FL, Los Angeles, Hawaii, South Pole, Africa, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Europe, south Pacific and the Caribbean

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